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Welcome to Photo Creations

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Preferred Vendor Program!

Photo Creations Studios is seeking vendors to advertise and promote on our website for the following categories: caterers, decorators, florists, musicians/DJs, lighting, wedding coordinators, wedding cakes, transportation, AV equipment, stylists, entertainment, photographers, videographers and anyone who is committed to quality, integrity, reliability and excellence in customer service. These vendors must be willing to be measured by their excellent service, on-time delivery, high quality products/services and competitive pricing. We invite all vendors to complete our Preferred Vendor Application and Agreement Form.


Preferred Vendor Application and Agreement

Please respond to ALL questions.

Should you have any questions, or would like assistance in completing this form,
please call us at (541) 500-1365

Vendor Services Categories (Please select up to 3 categories for your service listing)
(Please refer to the vendor page for categories)

Does your company accept credit cards?

Terms and Conditions

1. The Vendor is seeking to become a Preferred Vendor of PCS for the purpose of providing goods and services to PCS Clients.

2. The Vendor certifies that all information submitted to PCS is valid and correct and the Vendor understands and agrees that PCS may rely on all such information when considering the selection of the Vendor as a "Preferred Vendor."

3. The Vendor understands that PCS will contact references, confirm information and investigate any information relating to the Vendor at the sole discretion of PCS, and that the results of such references, confirmations and investigations may be shared freely and without restriction to PCS and its Clients.

4. The Vendor understands that a processing fee is required to participate in the Preferred Vendor Program. The fee is $120 for all members. All payments shall be made payable via cash, check/money order, credit card or Paypal.

5. The Vendor understands that should PCS accept the Vendor as a Preferred Vendor such approval will remain in full force, effective for one year from their enrollment date, after which time the Preferred Vendor is required to re-apply to the program.

6. Acceptance by PCS to the Preferred Vendor allows the Vendor the following advantages:

  • Vendors will receive Photo Creations Studios highest recommendation to PCS clients.

  • The PCS clients will be referred to the Vendor for professional services and/or products;

  • Once completed, PCS will place a link on The PCS website to the Vendor's website.

  • Vendor will receive the opportunity to grow their customer base by working with PCS clientele.Vendors accepted to the PCS Preferred Vendor Program agree that: a - All The PCS clients will receive services that shall be performed to the highest quality and in a professional manner, and all goods supplied shall be of the highest quality; b - PCS client expectations will be met enabling the Client to relax and enjoy their event.

    c - If notified of any deficiency, whether orally or in writing, the Vendor will immediately take whatever steps are necessary to rectify such deficiency to the standard required at its own cost.

7. Throughout the term that the Vendor is a Preferred Vendor, it will maintain in full force and effect such policies of insurance as are necessary to hold PCS harmless and fully indemnified from any liability arising from services performed or goods supplied including: Workman's Compensation Insurance, to the statutory limit required (for more information, please visit http://pcmedford.com/

8. Vendor shall at all times comply with all applicable laws, ordinances, regulations and all lawful orders and guidelines of any duly constituted authority, and shall provide with proof of licensing in the state of Oregon;

9. PCS shall be entitled to rely on the representations and warranties given by any person or persons named in the application for Preferred Vendor status;

10. Acceptance by Photo Creations Studios & Art Gallery as a Preferred Vendor shall indemnify and forever hold Photo Creations Studios & Art Gallery harmless from or against any claims asserted by, or any liability to, any person or entity resulting from or arising out of the Preferred Vendor's negligent acts or omissions in connection with the performance of its services or the provision of goods.

11. The parties hereto agree that nothing contained in this Application shall be construed as creating an exclusive relationship between the parties.

NOTE: If you need assistance filling out this application, or if you have questions regarding requirements, please contact us at (541) 500-1365, or you may e-mail us at info@pcmedford.com




Your complete satisfaction is our top priority. If an item you order from Photo Creations does not meet
your expectations, please call us
at 541-500-1365 or e-mail us at customerservice@pcmedford.com.


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