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Larina Miller
Larina Miller Session Date: 3/31/17 30 day expiration: 5/03/17

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Tayla Bates
Tayla Bates Session Date: 3/30/17 30 day expiration: 5/02/17

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Jenny Wooton, Makenzie Nelson
Jenny Wooton, Makenzie Nelson Session Date: 3/28/17 30 day expiration: 4/30/17

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Sandy Harmon
Sandy Harmon Session Date: 3/27/17 30 day expiration: 4/29/17

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Alma Rico
Alma Rico Session Date: 3/25/17 30 day expiration: 4/27/17

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Heather Johnson, Ashley Reif, Dominic Pennucci
Heather Johnson, Ashley Reif, Dominic Pennucci Session Date: 3/24/17 30 day expiration: 4/26/17

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Clayton Jenkins, Matthew Jenkins
Clayton Jenkins, Matthew Jenkins Session Date: 3/23/17 30 day expiration: 4/25/17

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Heather Glenn
Heather Glenn Session Date: 3/21/17 30 day expiration: 4/23/17

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Proper attire for Portrait Sessions

It is the responsibility of the studio to suggest the proper attire for portrait sessions. Most people are not aware of the importance of attire to a portrait and as the “professional portrait artists” we must help people understand that the proper clothing will make a professional portrait that much more pleasing. What follows are some basic suggestions.



Business Sessions

  • Medium to darker tones are best
  • Solid colors with no small or bold patterns
  • Unless they are for branding identity purposes, there should be no logos visible on clothing
  • White blouses or shirts are not the best because our eyes are naturally drawn to the lightest subject in a photo and this should be the subject’s face.


Family, Children & Couples Sessions

  • Medium to darker solid colored shirts and tops are best. Bright bold colors mixed with medium or darker colors are not appropriate for a great portrait. Either casual or dressy is fine, as long as everyone in the portrait is dressed casual or dressy
  • For modesty in posing options it is suggested that women and girls wear either slacks or longer skirts and dresses. You may be sitting on our background flooring or have to straddle posing stools and chairs. We want you to be comfortable and presentable in your portrait
  • Tee shirts or casual clothing should be free of identifying brands, logos and markings that can date a photo, unless the portrait is for branding purposes
  • Clothing for babies and children should also be muted without bright colors or markings
  • Hair is best cut 2-3 days prior to a session
  • Eye glasses cause glare in photos and require additional image retouching which means more time and expense. If you wear glasses we suggest bringing a pair of frames with no lenses in them. This works wonderful for business portraits
  • Makeup should be what you would normally wear. Most important is a flat mat powder to reduce skin shine










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