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What Defines a Web Page?

A website consists of many different Web pages. Every website has a homepage (often called the index page). The rest of the site is made up of inner pages. Some examples of common inner pages are: About us, Contact us, Testimonials, Articles, Products, Portfolios, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use or Disclaimer, FAQ's, Order, Resources, Rates

Price: $599.99


Basic Design Fee ­

Includes the basic Website template design with a professional header to attract customers to your site and build brand recognition.


A. Additional page as follows: $100.00 per page ­ includes basic design 700 word text and 4 uploaded images.

B. Photo and graphic images: supplied by Customer ( up to an average of 4 included per page)

C. Design revision: Each package includes up to 2 rounds of aesthetics revision

1. (e.g. layout, color, and image selection). This does include adding features past the scope of the projects as outlined in the most current Order Summary.

2. Website Design fee and monthly hosting fee is as follows:

- a. 5 pages $500.00 Host fees $5.00 per month

- b. 10 pages $1000.00.Host fees $10.00 per month

- c. 15 pages $1500.00. Host fees $20.00 per month

- d. 20 pages..Host fees $20.00 per month

- e. Additional pages are as follow

- Hosting fee add $1.00 MRPS

Price: $599.99

PCS Design of Home Page and Internal Pages ­

  • PCS Never uses cookie­cutter designs. Our design team will create a website for you with a look and feel for your company that ties into your market and vision. Your unique internet identity will work to attract visitors to your website and keep the interested. ­
  • We will present you with 1­2 comps created specifically for you. These will be posted online for your review. If necessary, our will fine­tune the design based on your feedback. Once you have approved the design and we have agreed on the site navigation, we will complete the site with each page reflecting your unique business.


Business Website Package ­

Includes the following:

  • E­mail / phone consultation for up to 1 hour total developing a design. This includes helping the customer establish their domain name, plan a website, and a marketing plan. Additional education and consultation is available at Photo Creations Studios & Art Gallery LLC. Technical support may also be available, for an additional cost.


  • Text electronically supplied by the customer may be subject to additional fees depending on the amount of formatting that may be required Faxed text will be accepted at the rate of $25.00 per page up to 700 words.

Price: $60.00/ hour $25.00 per page


Basic Hosting Package ­

Get online quickly. We help you to secure a web address and to get you started with an attractive site geared to search engines friendly text, and graphically enhanced pages you receive with 60 Meg of disk storage, and 1000 Meg of traffic bandwidth, enough to easily handle most small business sites. Includes an easy­to­use control panel to set up email addresses, links, redirects, and to view a web stats page. Save on additional years. Other plans also available.


Easy Web Store ­

You don't have to have any programming knowledge to add, subtract or edit merchandise descriptions and photos of as many items as you'd like. Your store can automatically link to your PayPal account and/ or to your Ebay listings. You can edit the header and footer as well.


Product Selector ­

Do you sell products? Close the sale by providing your customer with the help they need to find the best product from your product assortment. Give product reccomedations personalized for each visitor using a simple question and answer survey format. This virtual sales staff is a proven sales lead builder. (First 6 months paid in advance). Price includes FREE Consultation from a web site consultant.


Simple Enquiry form

$195.00 ­Get sales and/ or inquiries with this simple form. An email of the order or information request is emailed to you, the customer gets an automatic confirmation.


Web Site Program

$495.00­ Includes ab admin page to enter your product lineup. You can specify prices and descriptions for an unlimited number of products. if you have many products, you might need to add categories (several types) or some of our other options to the basic store. The store keeps track of a shopping cart for each visitor, and totals the order, sending an e­mail confirmation to both the seller and the customer. Each product can have a thumbnail image, and up to 4 larger shots for the detail page.


Web Design and programing

$60/hour ­ Thee fimal price depends on the number of pages and the complexity of the design. After you tell us what you want, we will give you a qoute on the project price. We'll produce anything from a single, simple page to the most complex, dynamic web programming project you can dream up.


Auto Email Link

FREE! first additional­ Automatically opens a new e­mail using your default e­mail client and fills in the subject line and body with the address of the current web page.


Credit Card Application forms

$175.00 ­ An easy­to­use online form that customers complete in advance of a purchase. Application may be printed or digitally stored by the customer.


Search Engine Optimizations ­

This service can be added to your initial architecture and planning for 1,500. If your market has a wide geographic scope, we highly recommend this service. we will incorporater meta tag coding to in your HTML code including meta tags, keywords, alt tags, and title tags to improve search engine ranking. Tags will be integrated with your content and specific industry keyword research.


Interactive Response forms

First free additions ­ Your initial fee includes one response box. this can collect information your visitors ( name, e­mail, telephone number, etc.) and can be used for your newsletter, new customer information, report download survey, or other interactive element. ( First free additions forms start at $100.)


Uploading Site to the Internet ­

Once we have completed your new design and you have approved it, we will test your new business website on current internet browsers and upload it to your web hosting server. congratulations­ you are live!


Payment Schedule ­

A signed contract and a third of the fee are due before PCS begins work on your project. Another third will be due halfway through the project. the remaining third will be due upon project completion




Your complete satisfaction is our top priority. If an item you order from Photo Creations does not meet
your expectations, please call us
at 541-500-1365 or e-mail us at customerservice@pcmedford.com.


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